[Clipart] dead or alive

Nicu Buculei (OCAL) nicu at apsro.com
Mon Jul 3 22:52:16 PDT 2006

Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form wrote:
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> Hello good folks of openclipart.org,


> as it seems, in a few days we'll finally find out what (if anything)
> will happen when there are 1000 unprocessed SVGs in Incoming. I take
> this approaching event as an opportunity to do two things:
> 1. Tell you how great this project is, and how important, and that
> your work is much appreciated.
> 2. Ask you whether or not this baby is still alive.

I guess it is not entirely dead, neither alive... Let's call it being on 
life support. One can say the project was almost killed by its own success.

The truth is our infrastructure was not able to cope with the large 
number of contributions and currently is broken. On top of that, we lack 
the people to either fix the old infrastructure or migrate to a new one.

Usually in the Open Source world is believed there are a lot of 
programmers and not enough artists. I think we proved this wrong: we 
have a lot of artists contributing, but not enough programmers.

> I'm not involved in the innards of openclipart.org, so there might
> still/already be some lively discussion about the latest development
> in some mailing list or other. I just drop by from time to time,
> sometimes even as a contributor, looking for handy clipart and,
> increasingly, some word of news. For the latter, I've also checked
> that ccHost website draft you've set up, but this hasn't changed once
> in all the times I've checked it.

Yes, ccHost is our plan for the future, but lacking the php hackers able 
to work on it, it is stalled for several months.

> There's no news. I'd hate to see this great project go down, but if
> it did, I'd still want to know about it. And I believe this goes for
> a lot of people. So, if anybody ever reads this, please, let us know
> what's going on, and what can be expected for the future of the Open
> Clip Art Library.

Expect it to stay as is, maybe with an occasional tarball release until 
we get some coding help.

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