[Clipart] ccHost and Open Clip Art Library

Florent Monnier fmonnier at linux-nantes.fr.eu.org
Wed Jul 5 23:56:03 PDT 2006

> > > specifically. Also, we need some glue code in ccHost to plug inkscape
> > > in from the commandline to generate thumbnails, right?
> >
> > Instead of making bitmap thumbnails, (or while bitmap thumbnails are not
> > available) you could provide SVG thumbnails by enclosing all the svg
> > content in a scale transformation:
> > <g transform="scale(0.2)">
> >
> > in scalable graphics, there is the word "scalable"  ;-)
> This would be a good option that users could select, but it would
> disable too much of the site because of the lack of overall browser
> support for SVG IMO.

You are true but think that the html embed/object tag allow the functionality 
to provide an alternate:

<object type="image/svg+xml"
        width="200" height="160">
   <img src="logo.png" width="200" height="160" />

... and in this alternate, just provide the rasterised png.

Another idea, if you encounter problems with inkscape, there is a little 
command line rasteriser provided with ksvg, which is ksvgtopng.
Maybe there could be a way to install it without too much of other Kthings :)
And if it is hard to install those kind of software on your server, a work 
arround could be to have a local deamon script which is in relation to the 
server, when a clipart is uploaded, it sends it back to you, your local 
script makes the thumbnail, and then upload it back to the web-site.

> I like this idea though...would you like to help us add this option to
> ccHost?

Well, why not :)


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