[Clipart] Hello, removing dupe files and change of displayed name

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Thu Jul 6 07:43:22 PDT 2006

Name: Anthony S. Tsoumbris
E-mail: anthony.tsoumbris at utoronto.ca

Hello!  Some time ago, I erroneously uploaded numerous SVG versions
of the Canadian flag:


So, I've two requests:

(1)  Is it possible to remove all but one of the flag images I
uploaded, as they are copies of the same image?
(2)  Is it possible to change the name/alias associated with the
image(s)?  I initially uploaded them using my name but would prefer
to assign the following alias instead:

E Pluribus Anthony

or similar.  Please note that I do not wish to revoke any prior
release of images ... only to make myself less visible online. :)

Please advise; in any event, thanks for your co-operation!


Anthony S. Tsoumbris
AKA E Pluribus Anthony

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