[Clipart] ccHost and Open Clip Art Library

Florent Monnier fmonnier at linux-nantes.fr.eu.org
Thu Jul 6 11:32:27 PDT 2006

> > You are true but think that the html embed/object tag allow the
> > functionality to provide an alternate:
> If we do a little counting, I believe we will discover on average that
> the file size for PNG thumbnails (at 128x128 px) is smaller compared
> with SVG, so by using thumbnails in SVG we may waste a lot of the server
> bandwidth and make pages slower to load for users (this may be negated
> by the use of mod_gzip, as SVG compress very well).
(you could gzip these without the use of the apache mod too)

> Also, let not ignore the performance requirements on client side: my
> empirical evidence show Firefox is less responsive showing a page with
> (arbitrary number) 100 thumbnails in SVG format compared with a page
> with 100 thumbnails in PNG.

Yes it's true for Konqueror too. But I guess it's because the svg support in 
browsers is very early compared to the support of bitmap images which is 
there for years...
In a near or far futur, after the rasterisation of all the vectorial elements 
of a page are done (which I guess will always require more cpu than decoding 
a jpg/png compressed bitmap), this page shouldn't be slower than the same one 
with bitmap images since when the vectorial image have been rasterized, it 
becomes a bitmap images.

Anyway this is not yet, and my first post was just a suggestion,
just don't care, and use the solution that you think is the best :)

best regards

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