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Fri Jul 7 09:54:12 PDT 2006

Name: Carsten Schmitz
E-mail: carsten.schmitz.hh at gmx.de

I am willing to spend time to program on the site openclipart.org. My
name is Carsten Schmitz, I am 34 from Germany and at the moment I am
involved in an open source project named PHPSurveyor.
I came to openclipart.org by looking for application icons and I was
able to use a great amount of icons for that. Additionally i learned
to manipulate the svg grpahics mysql. Anyway.. I am a PHP and Delphi
programmer with alot of epxerience. 
>From my point of view the site already has alot of good things. And
most things do not look so bad ( except for the partly broken
incoming files).
I am willing to sort incoming files, keyword these and put them in
the according folders. I would be willing to make releases too (on
Since I am a coder too i could fix the most necessary things and even
write a program or two to make wrapping up releases a breeze.
It would be shame if this site would run out of power.  It is a great
project and should continue to live. 
So..what do you think of my suggestion? If you accept it would be
great if I get access soon since I have some time on my hand because
of a recent small surgery and I am the completely off for the next
Carsten Schmitz

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