[Clipart] Is this site always updated ?

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> Betreff: [Clipart] Is this site always updated ?
> Name: Fuochi
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> hello,
> I want to know if the Open Clip Art Library is always alive ? There
> is no more informations or update since lot of months.


we had a similar question some days ago and the Nicus replay was:

"I guess it is not entirely dead, neither alive... Let's call it being on
life support. One can say the project was almost killed by its own success.

The truth is our infrastructure was not able to cope with the large
number of contributions and currently is broken. On top of that, we lack
the people to either fix the old infrastructure or migrate to a new one.

Usually in the Open Source world is believed there are a lot of
programmers and not enough artists. I think we proved this wrong: we
have a lot of artists contributing, but not enough programmers.

ccHost is our plan for the future, but lacking the php hackers able
to work on it, it is stalled for several months."

So, if you are a PHP-Hacker your help would be very welcome.

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