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On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 04:29 -0700, Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form
> Name: DeeBee
> E-mail: diane at sangonet.org.za
> Hi
> I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! to everyone who has contributed
> to this project and to let you know about a human rights NGO in South
> Africa that uses your clipart. We have a portal
> http://www.sangonet.org.za and the open clipart website has been a
> real bonus for us!
> Thanks again!
> Diane 

Patricia and DeeBee,

This would make a great story for our website's news section! Would
either of you like to post this to our front page? This would be a great
announcement to make!

The page for how to create news is here:


Here are the steps to posting news with the current system (which will
change once we move to ccHost:

 1. First register for an account at
http://openclipart.org/wp/wp-register.php. Note down the password.
     2. Log into your account at http://openclipart.org/wp/wp-admin/.
     3. Click "Write" in the navigational menu.
     4. Write out your news post.
     5. Save it.

Your news post will be reviewed by a developer before appearing on the
main site.

And, I would like to add that please email the list after you have
posted to the news and I will make sure your user account has enough
privileges so that you can post freely without review in the future.

Would either of you like to help out by posting to the news?



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