[Clipart] [Bug 3347] PNG files not optimized

Jonas Stein js at jonasstein.de
Thu Jul 13 16:56:50 PDT 2006

> We may ask people to upload only SVG files with 80px of large.
> -> less work for us with thumbnails, PNG files...
> -> no implementation of library or tool during upload...
> (my answer is in bug 3225 and 3347, if everybody is OK, we may closed this
> old discussion from 2005)

I think there is some loss of data then. IMHO Inkscape uses fixed length 
realnumbers to descripe x/y coordinates of a point. 
If you sample an image down from 8000x8000 px to 80x80 px there will be some 
loss of information because of truncating the coordinates.
Or am i wrong?

Jonas Stein  
www.JonasStein.de  JS at JonasStein.de

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