[Clipart] [Bug 3225] Make thumbnails adhere as closely as possible to the fdo spec

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------- Additional Comments From roan at horning.us  2006-07-14 23:16 -------
I vote to keep periodic official releases (zip and tar.gz/bz2) which contain
only svg files--This will allow for maximum compression.

I think it is too early to give up thumbnails on the website. While browser
support has come a long way for svg in the last year or two, it still has a ways
to go before svg graphics can be a major design component of a web page. Perhaps
a compromise would be a system that auto generates png thumbnails as needed. The
thumbnails would then be kept on the server for a period of time (say one week
after last access). After a week of not being viewed, they would be deleted.
Zope implements a system like this for their "photo album" product. It seems to
be a nice balance of hard drive resources versus processing resources.

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