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Sun Jul 23 16:17:55 PDT 2006

Name: Marc Garcelon
E-mail: mgarcelo at jaguar.middlebury.edu

I’m a sociologist who has written extensively about the democratic
movement in Russia in the late and post-Soviet periods, and have more
recently been working on the intersection between the Internet and
attempts to broaden the range of options available to artists and
journalists for publicizing their work. In this regard, I’m
researching the history of the Creative Commons site, have
interviewed Mike Linksvayer and Eric Steuer, and would like to
interview Jon Phillips about the the intersection between Creative
Commons and his open source projects.  If Jon would agree to an
interview for this project, I would be most grateful. I'll be in the
San Francisco Bay Area through August 8. I can also send my CV to
give him an overview of who I am and what I’ve done if Jon would send
me a regular e-mail address.  Please let me know what you think.

Thank you very much for consideration,

Marc Garcelon,
Department of Sociolog & Anthropology
Middlebury College
Middlebury VT  05753

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