[Clipart] Re: mailing list moderated? bugs being reviewed? and badlicense

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Tue Jul 25 13:56:51 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 10:40:09AM +0200, Patricia wrote:
> Nicu,
> I've followed exactly the procedure, see this text I've received :
> > Patricia, There are three components that are necessary
> > for one to get a development account on freedesktop.org, our hosting
> > provider:
> > 1.) ssh key (for secure access to freedesktop.org)
> > 2.) GPG key (for email signing, etc)
> > 3.) real name and email
> Then Daniel told me it's better to add ssh key and GPG key as an attach
> file and not copy/past. I said OK.
> And he asked me : who is it for and I answered that I was the new
> account coordinator of OCAL.
> That's what everyone may read on this bug and that you just come to
> report here.
> I had many discussion with members of OCAL and someone told me he
> doesn't even know that we have to attach ssh and gpg key.
> Everyone was able to see the bug nobody told me there was a problem from
> me ? I was on this bug every days since many week, to check and check
> again. I've send mails to Carsten and Roan asking them to be patient, etc.
> So... I've made a lot of effort to help Carsten and Roan. I've check
> other accound demand and try to be nearest the form of others.
> If the only way now is to contact by IRC, it's OK. If they were busy on
> conferences, I understand. But you think the problem is coming from a
> mistake by a beginner. So I think your are totally right, it's too hard
> for me to manage accounts and I prefer that you manage it, you certainly
> know daniel better than us since many years: it will work faster. Making
> an account don't take a lot of time but is very important finally so a
> beginner should not have to manage it.

Hi Patricia,

You haven't made any mistakes.  Rejon and I have had similar experiences
in the past trying to get accounts set up.  It is nothing you have done;
the problem is entirely with freedesktop.org admins being slow.

It's true that we have had better success by approaching them on IRC,
but of course that is not the process that they document, so it
shouldn't *require* going to IRC to get these things solved.

Anyway, it seems to be that this is very frustrating.  I'm sorry if it's
caused you distress.  This wasn't supposed to be this hard.  If it is
this difficult to simply get some account set up, then perhaps this
suggests the process should be changed?


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