[ocal] Re: [Clipart] Re: mailing list moderated? bugs being reviewed? andbadlicense

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Thu Jul 27 09:13:37 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 01:48 +0200, Patricia wrote:
> Hi all,
> I agree with all you said but I'm sure you will have ideas for changing
> that in the best way and solution.
> As you see, I prefer to translate in french than to speak/write in
> english. So I gonna follow your talk about how to improve process of new
> accounts for new developpers for OCAL.
> Have a good days or night
> Patricia
> Bryce : thanks for your message. :-)
> Carsten Schmitz a écrit :
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> > Subject: [ocal] Re: [Clipart] Re: mailing list moderated? bugs being
> > reviewed? andbadlicense
> > This wasn't supposed to be this hard.  If it is
> >> this difficult to simply get some account set up, then perhaps this
> >> suggests the process should be changed?
> >
> > I am all for it ;). But since the people who could change that are the
> > same that....
> > Regards
> > Carsten

Hi everyone...I emailed daniel and site wranglers about this. I also
said it would be good if they could make me an admin to move things
along as a good will gesture. I will get back from a family trip today
and will hop onto fd.o chat and help push this along...sorry this is
taking so long...don't lose hope :)

One other thing, make sure that new accounts are put into the
freedesktop.org product and not Open Clip Art Library too btw.


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