[Clipart] Re: Opera forum and SVG plugin

Patricia patricia.fidi01 at laposte.net
Sun Jul 30 09:38:21 PDT 2006


Could you answer just this : Which browsers have SVG plugin implemented
and may read SVG full ?

Opera is adding to SVG Tools page since you asked it but seems that you
really want to delete : " the best solution "
Finally, this have nothing with proprietary or open source. Adobe SVG
(proprietary) is listed too in second place because it's only for
Internet Explorer users. Firefox may be installed on Linux or windows
system. When Opera 8 or 9 will be able to display SVG full of OCAL
Library, it will be time to remove " the best solution". But for the
moment, Opera crash with SVG full !

So there is the Opera link and it's true that Firefox is the best
solution for linux and windows systems without plugin and for SVG tools...

Have a good day.

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