[Clipart] Use of flags for Creative Commons DVD

Nicu Buculei (OCAL) nicu at apsro.com
Thu May 11 03:30:57 PDT 2006

Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form wrote:
> Name: Daniela Faris, iCommons
> We are organising the content according to countries, and so I need
> pictures of flags of the world. I wanted to use the flags from your
> site, but wanted to make 100% sure that I could use these without
> copyright implications. 
> I see that the site is under CC license, and some flags are in the
> public domain, but others weren't specifically labelled as such. 

We enforce the license at upload time, is not possible to submit a file 
without releasing it as PD.
Also, each file contain the license info (in this case Public Domain) in 
the metadata section of the SVG.
*All* the SVG images on our website are Public Domain.

> The DVD on which these flags will be used, will be distributed for
> free (i.e. non-commercial) and no derivatives of the flag will be
> created (apart from some slight re-sizing). 

Fell free to produce any kind of derivatives.

> Please could you let me know if this is allowed, and if necessary,
> what type of attribution should take place. 

The requirements are as stated by the CC definition of Public Domain: 
none. Attribution would be nice but is not required.

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