[Clipart] [Open Clip Art Library] Upload Flagged

momo momo at lumenstudio.net
Fri Feb 9 09:34:39 PST 2007

From: "Ryan"
> Is there any feature in cchost, to make a user log in before flagging a
> file?
> Also, the "flag a file" option is only available (as far as I can see) in
> the reviews section. (so if a upload has not been reviewed, then it cannot
> be flagged...)

I remarked that we get all the "file flagged" notifications without comments 
on WHY the file has been flagged. The "flag a file" function has to be 
changed so that someone can flag a file ONLY if he writes the cause of the 

> IMO, also the reviews should be on the same page as the item itself,
> (similar to the way youtube does it) rather than have a separate page for
> reviews.

Yes, the less clicks people would have to do to use a feature, the most 
popular this feature will be. Also, that would decrease traffic, as the 
review page won't have to be loaded entirely as a new page :)

> Also, is there a way to be notified of all reviews and review replies, 
> ATM,
> only new reviews are listed in the sidebar, and there is no way of finding
> out which reviews have been replied to, unless you started the review, and
> you have your notifications set up.

Agreed, someting like that could be very useful for the admin :)

> Also, to have the totals of reviews and replies under your avatar rather
> than just reviews would be cool also,


> Sorry if this email is all over the shop, wanted to get some discussion
> going to get other peoples opinions before I start adding feature requests
> to bugzilla.

Go Ryan, go! :p


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