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Alan alan at ccnsweb.com
Tue Oct 30 20:11:13 PDT 2007

Plugin Support

Leads to

The Renesis Player.  Looks like they are already working on finding ways 
to give people access to svg and svgz.


Roan Horning wrote:
> Frederik Elwert wrote:
>> What are the general plans for thumbnails, though? I thought about it a
>> bit in the last couple of days, so I'd like to share my ideas and ask
>> for your comments.
> I've been thinking about thumbnails for OCAL recently myself.
> Given the current state of support for svg, and in particular svgz files 
> within browsers, I think we need to have some mechanism for generating 
> PNG thumbnails. Whether we generate and keep them, or use some sort of 
> caching depends on our system resources, and what other uses we may have 
> for the thumbnails.
> For me an ideal answer would offer up an svg thumbnail first, and if svg 
> wasn't supported, then have the PNG displayed.
> I've tried getting this to work with the html object tag, but 
> unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get the svg file to resize to 
> the width and height I had assigned the object. The image is cropped to 
> that size instead. The other issue is that svgz is rendered by fewer 
> browsers than svg. None of the the various browsers of the Mozilla 
> family that I have tried will render an svgz file, so the server would 
> have to decompress and send the raw svg file instead.
> --Roan
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