[Clipart] Licence

Jan-Olof Eriksson jan-olof.eriksson at iki.fi
Tue Jul 21 20:52:46 PDT 2009

Jarod Russel kirjoitti:
> Yeah but also if marked so, not every clipart is in the public domain. 

In openclipart.org? Then why it says they are?

> As I said in the beginning of the year already, cliparts made by Gerald 
> G. featuring W.Korn are statet as free. 

I searched his images in openclipart.org and seems his images in thre
are licenced as PD also.

> If you want to use images from openclipart.com for t-shirt printing let 
> me tell you there is a risk. Definitly don't use things involving 
> company names, famous logos, celebrities etc. Those cliparts may be in 
> the public domain, but that doesn't mean they are free of 3rd party 
> rights too.

Thats true, i didnt plan to use them like that.

I just to want make sure this is 100% correct:

"here are no limitations, you can do whatever you wish with it. "


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