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Jarod Russel JarodR at gmx.de
Tue Jul 21 21:45:22 PDT 2009

Jan you do missunderstand. This is not a problem of the website. The 
website is a public platform. It's not like just 2 or 3 people upload 
cliparts at OCAL. Everyone can do it. The person who uploads the images 
has to agree that all cliparts uploaded are dedicated to the public 
domain and therefore they are. But that is still no guarantee! Mistakes 
can happen all the time. The responsability to make sure the images you 
want to use are really in the public domain is up to you and not to OCAL.

I myself use a some of the images from OCAL for commercial stuff. So far 
no problems.

Jan-Olof Eriksson schrieb:
> Well you cant say "do what ever you want with these images" in web site
> if thats not true. Then you should change that FAQ etc. Im glad i asked
> because this PD lincence sounded too good to be true...
> J-O.E
> Jarod Russel kirjoitti:
>> You're right when wkdesign uploaded his cliparts he agreed to the public 
>> domain dedication. And I really don't say Gerald did something wrong. 
>> But if the licence is so clear, why did Gerald put a statement from 
>> W.Korn on every clipart that the cliparts free to use if they are anyway 
>> in the public domain? 
>> I found W.Korns website in the wkdesign profile on OCAL and noticed 
>> he/she is selling cliparts. I mailed him/her and asked that he/she is 
>> clear about what public domain means and he/she seemed to be suprised. 
>> I'm afraid I can't find the mail anymore. All I've got is that whats in 
>> the archives of this mailing list.
>> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/clipart/2009-January/008939.html
>> Here W.Korn statet that the cliparts on OCAL are for personal use only.
>> This all sounds like too much trouble to me for somebody who wants to 
>> use the images for commercial use.
>> Greg Bulmash schrieb:
>>> He agreed to the public domain dedication when he uploaded them.  If 
>>> he didn't understand it, he doesn't have a whole lot of legal 
>>> recourse. He'll be able to delete them himself and stop OCAL from 
>>> further distributing them, but all current uses based on his upload 
>>> are going to be protected, including redistribution.
>>> It looks like Gerald G's stuff is based on wkdesign's zip file, so 
>>> Gerald was not out of line or even mistaken when he uploaded those 
>>> pieces.
>>> Jarod Russel wrote:
>>>> Yeah but also if marked so, not every clipart is in the public 
>>>> domain. As I said in the beginning of the year already, cliparts made 
>>>> by Gerald G. featuring W.Korn are statet as free. That can mean 
>>>> everything. Also free for personal use but not for commercial. The 
>>>> member wkdesign is W. Korn and he stated clearly to me that his 
>>>> images are not in the public domain.
>>>> My guess is some people load up their cliparts or other peoples work 
>>>> and don't read or don't understand the upload rules at OCAL.
>>>> If you want to use images from openclipart.com for t-shirt printing 
>>>> let me tell you there is a risk. Definitly don't use things involving 
>>>> company names, famous logos, celebrities etc. Those cliparts may be 
>>>> in the public domain, but that doesn't mean they are free of 3rd 
>>>> party rights too.
>>>> Jan-Olof Eriksson schrieb:
>>>>> Just to make sure, so i can download these images from openclipart.org
>>>>> and sell them if i want to? Make t-shirts etc?
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Jan-Olof Eriksson
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