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Does your website want a web page like this..

the detail is not as much as you provided.

If yes, I will provide one after me and Josep complete the SVG to HTML converter.

I think most people are very busy and there are a lot of people paying attention.


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Hi all on the OCAL mailing list!

I just want to encourage you to get involved.
Have your say! OCAL needs your input.
We want to build community, but to do that we need the community first!

Let us know that you're alive!
Let us know what you are involved in!
What do you see OCAL as?

Where do you see it heading?

I'll start.

I'm a graphic Designer in New Zealand. I love to play music. I've let life tackle me down a bit and I have been too busy to learn to properly play guitar, which I regret but am going to change in the near future. I'm the owner manager/janitor of three business's in NZ. Small ones, yes, but good, and have the potential to grow into a good financial support for me and my family. I've always looked for ways to be a part of something bigger than myself, and I see OCAL as having the potential to be a Very Good Thing (tm). It goes beyond the tired and worn out cliche of "Sharing is caring", into something that 1) Can make money for anyone involved, 2) can become a very useful resource to starting out designers AND people with little artistic skill, 3) can be a great "library" for high quality digital art and design. 

I'm married to a beautiful woman. I'm in awe of her skills in numbers and accounting. We have four beautiful daughters and no pets! :( I want to change that sometime. I went through a time in my life when I couldn't see anything good (even though there was LOTS of good things) and I was depressed. I won't go into it much here, but it is sufficient to say that it was a very difficult time, I burnt out, I wasn't coping with life, and I'm blessed to be alive now. After recovering, I swore that I would never let myself go down that track again.

If there is one thing I would like to pass on to anyone who reads this; What you focus on becomes stronger. If you focus on what you do not have, on what other people have that you don't, on what you missed out, on the problems that you face, on comparing yourself to others, then you will always struggle, you will always get overwhelmed, and jealous, and greedy. Life will smack you around until you learn some key lessons on what life is about. Conversly, if you focus on what you DO have, on what you CAN do, then you will find that over time, more and more things will succeed for you. This is a simplified statement, but it works!  

There's a saying in New Zealand (which is extraordinarily reknown for it's "tall-poppy syndrome" i.e. bad mouthing those who are successful, cutting down those who are sticking their necks out, getting people to "conform to certain ways",) and the saying is this : "If you don't vote, don't complain." I'll flesh out these words and put them in context. "If you don't vote [at all, or refuse to engage in the debate for who you want in government], don't complain [when people get voted in that you don't like, and do things that go against your values]."

In the context of OCAL, I see this as a call to get involved.
Have an idea on where you want OCAL to go and do? Bring it up. Don't be afriad!

The only bad ideas are those that are not voiced.
The only dumb question is the one that is never asked.

A community is only as big as those who are speaking with others, and touching others, and being touched in return.

So come on! Get involved in what OCAL is doing.

I'm tired of hearing my own voice on the mailing list emails. I want challenges from people.
I want to see people bringing issues up, or ideas, and together we can make OCAL an [more] awesome thing!

Obviously contributing to the cliparts are important, but so is asking questions, doing background work.
A community relying on only a select few, isn't a community. 

Have your say! Say your bit! It's important! YOU are important. Your views, and values are important!

If you say nothing, things won't change in your favour.
If you say something, things CAN change!

Nice to meet you. I'm Chovynz. I'm passionate about life now. Join me on this amazing journey that's before us in bringing OCAL to the forefront of Digital Artwork Freedoms. Tell your Churches, Tell your workplace, tell your Rotary Clubs, Pubs, and government! Tell your friends! Tell your dogs about OCAL.Get involved! Speak up! Speak your mind! 

I look forward to hearing from some of you that haven't spoken up before now. I look forward to hearing from the regular members too!


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