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Thanks for your reply Cari. (I do believe you, and I suspected as much after
doing my research, I'm just doing things by the book :) ). We'll await your
overlay and dmca letter. In the meantime I will put the tag "pd_issue" &
"potential copyright violation", on the trinity knot on OCAL's site. This
will alert other users that this design might not be in the public domain.

Nice work on the celtic designs by the way! Very inspiring.
Would you consider becoming part of the public domain community and
contributing some free designs once in a while?


On 27 August 2011 16:44, <artstuff at aon-celtic.com> wrote:

> I'll be happy to provide an overlay of the design in question. It actually
> is a trace of mine, right down to the errors! lol  A little hard to claim
> that it was a coincidence when even the errors are duplicated. ;-)
> Unfortunately tracing a design does not make it an original work, it makes
> it a derivative copy under copyright laws, regardless of how rough the
> trace ended up being when trying to copy a 72dpi design to smooth it out.
> I am happy to provide my standard DMCA letter once I'm back in the office
> as I'm just online answering emails from home for my assistant while she's
> sick.
> For your information, the knot you source here:
> http://schools.hcdsb.org/hlyt/default.aspx
> is taken directly from my website. lol So yup... you're right that is very
> similar! ;-) lol  It's mine again, and from my site as well. All my
> tutorial images are on the "parchment" looking swatches, as can be seen
> here by way of example:
> http://aon-celtic.com/cknotbasic/cknotwork1.html
> As well, here it is again, licensed from me for my line of stencils
> produced by Stencil Kingdom:
> http://stencilkingdom.com/catalogue/catalogue.php?page=celtic/catalogue_body_celtic_celtic75.php
> I'll send you the overlay and also my usual DMCA letter my CIP lawyer
> drafted for me when I'm in the office on the weekend.
> Thanks guys!
> Cari
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