[PATCH] fix for ppc (and other big-endian cpu's)

Sven Herzberg herzi@gnome-de.org
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 00:28:40 +0100

Am Sa, den 31.01.2004 schrieb Zaheer Abbas Merali um 21:26:
> I have attached a patch that will stop dbus segfaulting on ppc's.  It
> segfaults due to a va_list being used more than once.  If it is to be
> used more than once, it needs to be copied using va_copy.

This is a known issue and there was a patch already that fixed this
problem. IIRC the patch was not applied because we need to detect
whether we have va_copy and how we should call it. The glib does detect
this while running configure and I think we need to detect it the same
way before we try to use it.