Is DBUS and API or a protocol?

Havoc Pennington
Fri, 06 Feb 2004 13:41:31 -0500


It's both an API and a protocol, but in practice the protocol is still
likely to change (see TODO) and some of the behaviors such as use of
environment variables aren't fully documented/finalized. So tracking it
as a spec instead of an implementation would be complicated at this
stage. Well, even tracking as an API is complicated at this stage,
someone needs to burn through the TODO.

Re: the mono bindings in CVS, they are incomplete and outdated, I was
just learning about Mono. If you do a binding that comes with Mono we
should delete the ones in dbus CVS.

Keep in mind when doing bindings that many of the APIs (such as the
set/get data stuff) are only intended for use by bindings, so don't bind
those APIs. For Mono you probably don't want to bind all the API for
mainloop integration for example, since you could just assume GLib loop.