Newbie trying to get things to work...

Tako Schotanus
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:49:54 +0100

... and failing of course :-)

got CVS to compile (without Qt though, if I leave Qt enabled compilation 
fails on a missing connection.moc) and I was busy trying to see if I 
could get at least some kind of reaction out of the system before diving 
into the code. These are the steps that I'm performing which I felt 
should work:

1. Opened 2 konsole windows
2. Did a 'dbus-launch' in one of  them
3. Set the 2 environment variables in both konsole windows
4. Ran 'dbus-monitor --session' in one of the windows
5. Ran 'dbus-send --session foo/bar'

I would have expected at least some kind of reaction from either the 
monitor or the send command or am I missing something important here. Of 
course there is no service foo/bar, but like I said I would have 
expected at least some kind of message.

Secondly I tried running the python server and client examples by 
running the server in one window and the client in another but both just 
block without reacting to so much as Ctrl+C. If I kill the server the 
client exits as well with a timeout error, so there is at least _some_ 
kind of connection.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong or give me a list of steps I 
can perform of how to get a simple example of these command to work?