segv with multithread client-server usi dbus glib binding

Olivier Andrieu oliv__a at
Thu Jul 8 01:50:55 PDT 2004

 Johan FISCHER [Thu,  8 Jul 2004]:
 > So if i understand, the only messages which have to be unref are the message
 > created in my program by dbus_message_new...
 > The message passed in param by a filter function are freed by the dbus lib
 > itself right ?

yes, filter functions and message handlers are callbacks, the message
is managed by libdbus dispatch mechanism.

 > Just to be sure, the return message of a
 > dbus_connection_send_with_reply_and_block can be unref or not ?

yes, this is not a callback, the message is a return value, you'll
have to unref it.


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