Tracking whether a connection is alive

Owen Fraser-Green owen at
Mon Jul 12 03:29:38 PDT 2004


> W li¶cie z pon, 12-07-2004, godz. 10:44, David Zeuthen pisze:
> One solution slightly more elegant than pinging periodically is to ping
> only on attempt to lock acquisition, this however introduces up to
> $TIMEOUT latency without removing fundamental issues, so maybe it isn't
> all that great optimization.

Another alternative is leasing the lock so the acquirer has to be alive in
order to keep renewing the lease to keep the lock.

Anyway though, even if there's some mechanism such that HAL can be 100%
sure that an application has hung, will it always be able to release the
lock without the application first being killed? In that case, again, I
think dealing with hanging apps is out of HALs scope.


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