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Thu Jul 15 06:54:01 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 22:16, Maciej Katafiasz wrote:
> Hi,
> as there was kinda heated up discussion on IRC today, I decided to have
> myself flamed a bit and bring it up on list. Issue is - can (and more
> importantly, should) D-BUS be used for components? I believe that answer
> is "yes", or "almost yes, something similar could do".

As I understand, D-BUS was designed from the ground up to be usable as a
DCOP replacement, which is the low-level architecture used in KDE's
KParts component model.  So it should most definitely be usable as the
low-level transport in an out-of-process component model.  (Remember,
"component" can be an in-process thing, i.e. basically a shared object
loader, which then wouldn't need D-BUS for anything.)

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