D-bus not compiling label out used but not defined

Farhad Saberi farhad.saberi at morganstanley.com
Sun Jul 18 14:01:30 PDT 2004

 i'm on Solaris 8 with gcc 3.3.2. When i try to compile dbus-0.21, i get 
this error:
bus-sysdeps.c:1567: warning: label `failed' defined but not used
dbus-sysdeps.c:1554: error: label `out' used but not defined
make[1]: *** [dbus-sysdeps.lo] Error 1

But I do see the  'out' label in the file at line 2298 in dbus-sysdeps.c.
Any ideas why the compiler is not seeing the 'out' goto label ? I can't 
compile because of this error :-(

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