Service activation and file descriptors

Philippe Laporte philippe.laporte at
Thu Jul 22 09:07:31 PDT 2004

     About the preservation of file descriptors for launched services.

As far as I understand, the DBUS daemon redirects stderr and stdout to 

But suppose, you have a framework where all application/processes are 
DBUS services, and that framework is started via the command-line. Then 
one might be interested in having stdout and stderr go to that same 
command line.

So how about this idea: Having an option so that before redirecting all 
to /dev/null, the daemon should dup the stdout and stderr file 
descriptors to somewhere, then when launching services, after the fork 
but before the exec, dup the saved FDs back into FD 1 and 2 (stdout and 

How about it?

Philippe Laporte

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