Convenience API for unique apps

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Jul 21 16:58:44 PDT 2004


A common use case for activation systems is to make apps single

It would be nice if libdbus had a simple API to automate this common
For instance:

DBusConnection *connection =

Which connects to the bus, checks if the given service name has been
acquired and disconnects + exit(0) if so, otherwise it's up to you to
release the connection.

Avoiding the need to have magic files and lots of boilerplate code would
be a useful thing, I think. I know this isn't really a part of the DBUS
mission but as it'd be simple code and commonly used IMHO it should be a
of libdbus anyway.

Writing it wouldn't be hard but if nobody has time I can try my hand at
a patch.

thanks -mike

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