"Failed to start message bus" problem

Nikola Pizurica pizurica at neobee.net
Thu Nov 4 06:41:27 PST 2004

I had new development of my problem.
During boot, fsck started (automaticly it is started every 30th or
something boot), and gave me something like this:

ENTRY system_bus_socket in /var/run/dbus has deleted/unused inode 

So, looking at boot messages, I see hal starting ok.
But, now I get a littlebit different error, complaining about missing

libhal.c 644 : Error connecting to system bus: Failed to connect to
socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory

** (gnome-volume-manager:4063): WARNING **: manager.c/900: failed to
initialize HAL!

dbus-daemon-1 is running, acording to System Monitor.


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