Can I use D-Bus via network?

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Thu Nov 11 07:35:14 PST 2004

my name is Alexander, at the moment I'm writing my diploma thesis.         
A central issue of my diploma thesis is communication of different        
applications using Qt's Signal/Slot technology over TCP/IP networks.         
One approach I tried was DCOP. The interprocess communication with signal/slot        
worked quite well with DCOP. The problem was, that it only worked on a single        
computer. So far I didn't succeed in attaching a DCOP-Client to a DCOP-Server        
which is running on a foreign computer. I don't know if this possibility is        
implemented in DCOP or not. If you know it, please tell me.        
So, let's talk about D-Bus. After my DCOP approach failed, I had a look at  
D-Bus. There is one point I couldn't find out with the help of the  
Is it possible to communicate with D-Bus over a TCP/IP network?          
The only thing I read in the documentation concerning this context was       
something like: "An adress can also specify TCP/IP sockets, [...]". Does this       
mean that D-Bus can communicate via network? (I also read that DCOP can work       
with TCP/IP Sockets, but it didn't work over network).       
If D-Bus is able to work via network, can you tell me how I can establish the      
Thanks a lot in advance.      
Best regards,      

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