[PATCH] Support for DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY in dbus/tools/dbus-print-message.c

David Eriksson twogood at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 26 09:04:24 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

I like D-BUS better every day! :-)

I have attached a patch that adds DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY support to the tools
that use the print_message function.


o Make a separate function print_iter() with the iterator loop

o Call print_iter() from print_message()

o On DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY in print_iter(), call print_iter() with the array

I hope I got the source code formatting right! :-)

               -\- David Eriksson -/-

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      ScummVM - http://scummvm.sourceforge.net
     Desquirr - http://desquirr.sourceforge.net
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