Exposing the mouse battery status through HAL

Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 02:26:34 PST 2004

> So perhaps we should have a property called info.software.addons, should
> ideally be a list (wanting to add that datatype soon), and you can merge
> that long identifier above. The callout, which would be installed along
> with the addon, would then check for this and activate the daemon if
> it's not running.
What's the point in explicitly listing addons - if they are put into
devices.d directory, they are going to be called anyway. Well,
probably not necessarily devices.d - if we define capability
"rechargeable" (and merge it in .fdi file), it is simpler to use
capabilities.d. Anyway - why lists callouts explicitly?

> Yeah, I think the important thing is clearly define the nature of the
> properties in the hal spec; it would be good to have some consistence as
> well so the *.battery thing can be done; good idea.
OK. I will think about some list of generic properties for devices
with "rechargeable" capability.

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