cd-rom drive with data media not showing the volume

leon breedt bitserf at
Fri Dec 3 19:21:32 PST 2004


i'm not sure what the desired behaviour is in this case, but this is
the scenario:

on one of my machines, inserting a disc into the cd-rom drive causes a
volume entry to show up in the device tree, under the storage device,
without requiring that the disc be mounted.

on another machine, the volume entry only shows up when the disc is mounted.

this is causing problems for a script of mine, whose purpose is to
mount newly inserted media. is the behaviour in the first scenario the
expected behaviour? if so, what can i do to track down why the second
scenario is not working?

the hardware details:

machine #1 (working):
- dell gx270 intel i865 motherboard
- Lite-On LTN486S (hdc)
- DVD-ROM BDV316E (hdd)

machine #2 (not working):
- asus p4c800-e intel i875p motherboard
- Pioneer DVD-ROM ATAPIModel DVD-106S 012 (hdc)
- LITE-ON LTR-52246S (hdd)

on both machines, the kernel is the Ubuntu kernel, the version
of hal is 0.4.2, and the version of hotplug is the 20040329 ubuntu
kernel, and udev is 046.

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