hal (or g-v-m) issues ?

Igor Pruchanskiy subscribed at linuxinside.com
Mon Dec 6 15:06:47 PST 2004

after a recent upgrade (about a week or so ago)
both of my desktops stopped recognizing my digital
camera and ipod.

Well, devices show up in h-d-m and i can see everything in
/var/log/messages, but removable devices do not show up in
"Computer" anymore.

Also my camera used to work in normal USB mode, where it would
just show up as a removable drive or in PTP mode, where i would be
able to import photos using gThumb. Now, when i connect the camera
g-v-m gives me a message saying that camera is connected and asks me
if i want to import photos. If i hit Import it tells me that the camera 
is not
detected anylonger....

hal 0.4.2-1
g-v-m 1.1.2-4
on Sid/Eperimental
linux-2.6.9 (and

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