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Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at
Mon Dec 13 13:40:22 PST 2004


Since I am waiting for the feedback on my first piece of code, I can
think a bit forward... Here are some questions to discuss regarding to

>  4) ACPI/PMU: Should be a job of reading off files in /proc or using
>     /dev/pmu. Sergey already did the spec of what the properties should
>     look like; we should just use that. Also add support for laptop-
>     specific interfaces through hal framework ideas 3) and 4) above.
Well, I am looking from somewhat "battery-obsessed' POV:) - so forgive
me my narrow sight here:)
While technically it is nearly trivial to get any info from ACPI
(thanks to /proc/acpi) - we should first specify the behaviour of the
ACPI-related nodes/capabilities/properties in the specs. Speaking of
batteries: should the root node "Computer" get the "battery"
capability - or should there be some "ACPI controller"/"ACPI
subsystem". Alternatively (as we discussed earlier) - we could put
some battery_unit(s) under the "Computer" node (or, again, unser "ACPI
subsystem"?). Will all this stuff be managed by the addon - or in the
hald itself? If former - which hardware, if present should trigger the
addon invocation? Opinion, comments?


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