PDAs in HAL (Was: Plans for hal 0.5.x)

Andrei Yurkevich urruru at ru.ru
Thu Dec 16 09:09:27 PST 2004

David Zeuthen wrote:

>>I am absolutely agreed with you about having a PDA device as a child 
>>node of the serial interface, but still I think that creating that node 
>>and filling it with pda-specific information should be done outside of 
> Again, the program doing this should run in the desktop session anyway
> and already knows, so it needs not to tell hal about it.
>>In some cases, the fact that the serial port is there does not 
>>necessarily mean that PDA is available. For instance, when you plug in a 
>>Pocket PC PDA via USB, you will get a USB device and a USB-serial 
>>interface, but until you start the software that establishes a 
>>connection with your PDA you are not able to do anything useful with it.
> No, but the fact that desktop software knows that there is a 100% chance
> of the serial port having a PDA in the other end allows it to start
> doing things with it. Like initiating a sync.
> That's why I only think it's useful to consider plug and play devices.

Just to sum up the discussion, is this ok for PDAs representation in HAL?:

1) Only USB-connected PDAs should appear in HAL device list, not those 
connected via serial/Ir/Bluetooth;

2) All the PDA-specific properties are merged in the device node of the 
USB device that represents the PDA in the system, no child device node 
for PDA should be created

comments, objections?


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