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leon breedt bitserf at
Thu Dec 16 21:40:55 PST 2004


i'm not sure i understand exactly what the 0.5.x add-on feature is
intended to be used for yet.

i currently have a scenario where i've written a stripped down volume
manager (the host this is being used on has no desktop software
running), and this volume manager just mounts the volume, scans it for
specific metadata files, if present, does some stuff, and then
unmounts it again once its done. this is really useful for updates to
disconnected boxes via CD/memory stick, for example, and doesn't
require much user education :)

would i be able to accomplish these same tasks with an add-on? or are
add-ons not intended for this purpose at all?

secondly, what is the intended protocol for communication between hald
and the add-on? will it be executed for every event, receiving
arguments pertaining to that event, or will hald keep it around in
memory (ala squid helpers) and communicate over stdin/stdout?

thanks (this stuff seriously rocks)!
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