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Steve Fink stevef at
Sun Dec 19 07:54:42 PST 2004


I'm having trouble with my cd burner model HL-DT-STCD-RW/DVD-ROM GCC

This cd burner is in a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop with:
P4 2.6ghz
1Gb Ram
60Gb HDD

Here's what I've got as far as software:

Fedora Core 3 with:
Stock kernel-2.6.9-1.681_FC3

I did not have this issue prior to using Fedora Core 3. As far as I can
tell Fedora Core 2 did not have hal installed.

Here's what happens:

I access Nautilus CD burner through either typing burn:/// in the
Nautilus window or by nautilus --no-desktop burn: from the command line.
I copy my files into the window and click Write to CD. Verify the
settings are correct and click Write.

The message says "Reload rewritable or blank media. Please replace the
in-drive media by a rewritable or blank media."

I've verified that the media is in fact blank by placing it in another
burner. I've also tested this as root and have the same results.  I've
set the write speed manually, I've activated burnfree ( I know the drive
supports it ) and I've verified that /dev/cdwriter points to the correct
IDE device /dev/hdb. 

Here's what I've done to test:

When I do an lshal with no media in the drive, then place a blank media
in the drive and do an lshal there's no change.  So I tried the same
test with another cd burner HL-DT-STCD-RW/DVD-ROM GCC -4241N in the
expansion slot.  This time there was a considerable amount of change in
my lshal. And the burner works fine.

These lshal outputs can be found here (the zero and 1 correspond to the
model numbers respectively):

Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.  If you do not believe
this to be a hal issue please point me in another direction.

Thanks in advance,


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