trying to use hald without libhal

jorge luis zapata jorgeluis_zapata at
Wed Dec 22 03:05:03 PST 2004

hi, i am making a simple dbus protocol lib, and is
kind of usable but i am having problems to use the hal
method calls. i can register to signals from the
hal.manager but i cant call the methods like
getproperty, or listdevices, looking for the errors in
the dbus it says that i am not the owner for the
service (i am not org.freedesktop.hal), but when i use
the bin hal-get-property i am able to see the property
of the device. so my question is, to be able to call
this method calls (getproperty, setpropoerty,
listdevices,listproperties,etc) i must use only the
libhal functions? what are the steps to use hal
(protocol steps)? do i have to call acquireservice for
org.freedesktop.hal? (it also gave my errors trying to
acquire it)
thanks, bye.

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