Chris Lewis burn03 at
Wed Dec 29 19:39:10 PST 2004


I am packaging hal for slackware linux 10 and having a problem with 
configure; it fails with:

checking for /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids... no
checking for /usr/share/misc/pci.ids... no
checking for /usr/share/pci.ids... yes
checking sys/capability.h usability... no
checking sys/capability.h presence... no
checking for sys/capability.h... no
configure: error: Please install libcap and the libcap development package

I can find nothing in the hal docs about libcap, why it needs it or 
where to find it, and the page that seems to be libcap's home 
( contains no 
tree for 2.6 kernels. Please advise.

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