LABELs and automount

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Sep 25 04:16:56 PDT 2004

david, hi,

um, just a quick question: what caveats can i expect if i use the label
from HAL e.g. my dvd's label ANALYZE_THAT or something?

should i do, oh, i dunno... /media/cdrw_dvdrw_ANALYZE_THAT - a
concatenation of the hint and the label, just to make sure?

and i would just... get that from the volume.label thing, yes?

i really like the label idea.  really what i need is a persistent
unique mount point (using the disk serial number, is that possible?)

a unique mount directory for each and every disk encountered
would make my life a lot easier (for DBFS.  yes, i'm using
DBFS v302 in KDE :)

DBFS is an indexing system that takes a record of all files in a
directory, and allows you to instantaneously search by name, date,
keyword or "mime group" e.g. "Documents" or "Music".

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