[Uim] topics around uim

Yukiko Bando ybando at k6.dion.ne.jp
Sat Jun 5 15:46:57 EEST 2004

Hi Tabata-san

>  *SCIM and UIM
>   http://scim.freedesktop.org/
>   SCIM is another input method platform. It has rich support of
>   Chinese input method. We agreed on cooperation.

I've installed scim and am just impressed!  It supports both 
simplified and traditional chinese and has a very nice applet.  And 
I'm glad I don't need to type "/" between sylables any more.  

I'd like to know more about what the cooperation will bring about in 
the future.  Will scim be integrated into uim and uim-anthy into 
scim?  Will we be able to use scim in KDE applications via 
qt-immodule? etc. etc.  (I still can't figure out how to make it work 
with XIM... )        

>   http://2004.guadec.org/
>    Tokunaga-san and I will visit Norway at the end of this month
>    and Tokunaga-san will make a presentation.

Pictures please. :)



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