[Uim] scim-uim and scim-m17n.

James Su suzhe at tsinghua.org.cn
Mon Jun 14 12:58:49 EEST 2004

  I'm the author of SCIM project (www.freedesktop.org/Software/SCIM). 
Recently I wrote two new input module for SCIM, one is scim-uim which 
uses uim as the backend, another is scim-m17n which uses m17n lib as the 
backend. If you are interested in them, try them.
  First, you must download and install the newest SCIM cvs code:

  $ cvs -d suzhe at savannah.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/scim co scim-lib
  $ cd scim-lib
  $ ./bootstrap
  $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
  $ make
  $ make install

  Then checkout scim-uim and scim-m17n and install:
  $ cvs -d suzhe at savannah.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/scim co scim-uim scim-m17n
  $ cd scim-uim
  $ ./bootstrap
  $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
  $ make
  $ make install
  $ cd scim-m17n
  $ ./bootstrap
  $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
  $ make
  $ make install

You need at least uim-0.3.9 and m17n lib 1.0.2. And please apply the 
attached patch to m17n lib in order to build scim-m17n.

Use the following command to start scim XIM server:
$ scim -f socket -e uim,m17n -c simple -d
$ scim -f x11 -e socket -c socket -d
$ export XMODIFIERS=@im=SCIM

Then you may active scim in XIM client by ctrl-space.

If you want to use scim's gtk immodule, please export GTK_IM_MODULE=scim 
before starting gtk2 apps. And  be sure, "scim-f socket -e uim,m17n -c 
simple -d" is running.

With scim-uim, SCIM and UIM can work together now. I think, it's maybe 
the start point of cooperation between SCIM and UIM.

James Su
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