[Uim] Please review Uim Developer's Document

Kazuki Ohta mover at hct.zaq.ne.jp
Wed Jun 23 22:07:27 EEST 2004

Hi, All.

I've wrote the developer's document of Uim.
This doc mainly describes how to use Uim's API 
properly. But I thought that I wrote this doc 
from one developer's view, so I want to review 
this document by others.

URL : http://freedesktop.org/~kzk/doc/uim-devel/

It's very difficult to write example program of 
Uim, because callbacks are the main topic and 
these are not procedual (callbacks are called 
according to the key 'event').
Does anyone have another idea to convey proper 
description of Uim's API?

Helper related functions is not described yet 
because of the possibility to be changed soon.

API document which is generated by doxygen is also 

URL : http://freedesktop.org/~kzk/doc/apidocs/


Move the worlD!

Kazuki Ohta : mover at hct.zaq.ne.jp

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