[SCIM] Re: [Uim] Design philosophy and strength of uim

YamaKen yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp
Wed Jun 30 14:45:57 EEST 2004

At Wed, 30 Jun 2004 04:22:17 -0700 (PDT),
hiura at openi18n.org wrote:
> > From: YamaKen <yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp>
> > - whether UNIX domain socket MUST be used or SHOULD be used
> > - whether INET domain socket MUST not be used or SHOULD not be used
> > - permission issues of server process
> > - possible vulnerability due to design of the server
> > - resource isolation between input methods (such as memory space)
> > - etc, etc...
> I would recommend you to add the rationale behind each such conditions
> so that it would be clear for everybody why those conditions should
> only be applied to here while you are using bunch of INET domain

Of course we must describe 'why this rule is defined' and 'what
is accomplished by this rule' logically. The descriptions are
the value of the document.

> sockets on your machine regularly for other services, such as
> Web/Mail/news/ssh/ftp/telnet etc... and why it is OK to run UNIX
> deamons with privilege on the same host you enforce such conditions to
> particular components?

YamaKen  yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp

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