[Uim] uim 0.4.6 final released

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Sat Feb 26 18:46:15 EET 2005

uim-0.4.6 final is released. You can download source tarball via:

  sha1sum:34cfe11c88817a39913d3fc66adb90ec86f75f2c  uim-0.4.6.tar.gz


* You can't use GTK_IM_MODULE=uim-xxxx. You should use GTK_IM_MODULE=uim
instead. Default input method is determined from current locale.
 If you want to specify default input method, use uim-pref-gtk or 
uim-pref-qt. (uim-pref-qt is exmerimental though.)

* You can't use XMODIFIERS=@im=uim-xxxx. You should use XMODIFIERS=@im=uim

* UimQt/uim-kdehelper is off by default. You should give --with-qt 
--with-qt-immodule for configure script explicitly if you want to use 

* On AMD64 machines, you should execute autogen.sh instead of configure.

* uim-prime sometimes make PRIME out of control. This seems a very
nasty bug of uim. If you are using uim-prime as your main input method,
you should keep the version your uim (Or if you have enough
time, you can challenge newer uim-prime. Hiroyuki Komatsu wrote new uim-
prime for new PRIME. See
for more details.)

* Some features on switcher are broken. You should always choose
"Change whole desktop" for now.

* Because 0.4.6 final have some bugs as described above, we'll provide
0.4.7 as a bug fix release.

Changes between 0.4.6beta2 to 0.4.6 final

* uim-m17nlib
 - Enabled m17n-latin-pre/post input methods.

* uim-prime
 - Fixed too many executions of prime.

* all
 - Fixed build problem on DragonFly.

And some bug fixes.

Changes between 0.4.6beta1 to 0.4.6beta2

* libuim
 - Fixed that user cannot use scheme plugin
  which installed in ~/.uim.d/

Changes between 0.4.6alpha1 to 0.4.6beta1

* uim-pref-gtk
 - Added subgrouping feature.

* uim-pref-qt
 - Added a missing header file.

* m17n-lib plugin
 - Fixed some cadidate related bugs.

* uim-fep
 - Added -S option. (GNU screen mode)

* uim-anthy
 - Fixed crash bug with F10 key with anthy 

* All
 - Fixed compilation on Solaris8.

* libuim
 - Check added before calling getenv and execlp.

* uim-skk
 - Don't read/save personal dictionary if uid and euid is different.

And many bug fixes.

Changes between 0.4.5 to 0.4.6alpha1

There're too many things to describe here. Following list is incomplete.

* uim-pref-gtk (new!)
 - Preference tool

* UimQt (merged from sub project)
 - You need to apply 'immodule for Qt' patch to use this.

* uim-kdehelper (merged from sub project)
 - uim-candwin-qt, uim-pref-qt, uim-toolbar-qt.

* uim-skk
 - Many features are added.

* libuim
 - Plugin system is introduced. This will reduce both of memory
 consumption and application start up time.

And many many many bug fixes! (and may a few enbugs...)

Bug report

If you noticed a bug in uim-0.4.6 final, please tell us. You can post a 
bug to fd.o's Bugzilla or this mailing list.

(Sorry if I've forgotten your name)

 Matthew Reppert
 UTUMI Hirosi
 Mike Castle
 Denis Jacquerye
 Konosuke Watanabe
 Takumi ASAKI

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