DPMS and automatic sleep inhibit API

Ali Abdallah aliov at xfce.org
Thu Feb 18 07:40:07 PST 2010


    So now that org.freedesktop.PowerManagement spec that was written by 
Hugsie is dropped for whatever reasons, this drops its inhibit interface 
as well,
so applications whishing to prevent automatic sleep cannot anymore do
that in a desktop neutral way.

    AFAIK inhibit interface in gnome is moved from gpm to the 
gnome-session, most
gnome applications uses the org.gnome.Session.Inhibit to inhibit 
automatic sleep,
while this will not work if running these apps under other desktop 
(Xfce, KDE, ...). I think KDE also have something similar for their 
session as well.
trivial question raises here, why there is still no standard API for 
doing this
basic task.

    So why not having a standard API on a name 
org.freedesktop.SessionManager with
two methods InhibitSleep InhibitDPMS for example, this way any session 
can export these methods in parallel with its private name/methods
(org.gnome.Session org.KDE.Session).

    I will be very happy to write such spec and implement it in our Xfce 
manager, this way even closed source media players can use these methods
without having to care about the different desktop environments.

    I hope the idea will be supported as simple as it is, without going 
to endless


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