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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Sun Aug 1 11:21:32 PDT 2004

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On Sunday 01 August 2004 13:53, Carl Karsten wrote:
> Having watched a few tinderboxs  for a few days now, I see that they use
> considerable resources: cpu, disk access and internet bandwidth.
> The bandwidth issue is causing me to take down my boxes during business
> hours. The cpu usage prevents me from running on anything but a dedicated
> box. The disk access makes me hesitant to recommend others join in.
> So if I could get a version that would
> A) not whack the tree before each run
> B) Throttle the downloads
> C) wait for a change to be posted before doing a CVS pull.  This one will
> be a bit harder to implement - not sure if it is worth the trouble:
> checking timestamps on 6400 .c files, and then having make do its thing on
> 30,000 files takes a hit even if there isn't anything to do.

Have you considered running a local CVS repo mirror and having your 
tinderclients pull from that?

You could also do commit notifications by watching xorg-commit.

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