[Xorg] Xevie addition to libXext

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Aug 1 15:53:22 PDT 2004

Around 8 o'clock on Aug 1, Stuart Kreitman wrote:

> just a packaging issue. I was operating under the impression that Xext 
> was a general purpose place to put small extensions,

Yes, a tradition started before systems generally had shared libaries 
though. I think it's a bad plan, although it's probably at least partially
my fault.

> We should start a writeup on packaging extensions. Does something like
> that already exist?

I think the modular tree has a reasonably clear structure for extensions 
and I've been following that for the last several I've done:

	FooExt/		- headers and specs (no Xlib dependency allowed)
	    foo.h	- constants needed by server, library and apps
	    fooproto.h	- protocol structures need by server and library
	    foo.pc	- pkg-config file
	Xfoo/		- C library (including library headers)
	    Xfoo.h	- library header
	    libXfoo.so	- shared library
	    xfoo.pc	- pkg-config file
	server/foo	- X server implementation

One trick is to make sure foo.h and fooproto.h headers don't depend at all
on Xlib, and to make sure apps needn't use fooproto.h.


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